Our lands and Seas are the sustenance of our Souls and well-being – No truer have been those words of old ‘You are what you Eat’ We are the Land , We are the Sea – the sustenance that derives from this earth is brought to you here encapsulated in the ‘Bia’ sourced from the Lands & Seas The Heavens have bestowed on us – its Heavenly Bia!

But we are all just passing on this Earth, so we must respect and sustain this source of wellbeing which we bring you through our offering of sustainable eating celebrating the sacrifice the Sea and land gifts us every day.

Heavenly Bia foods are the ultimate compliment to one’s family or own body with wholesome foods brought to you in the most soul inspiring and from appetite satisfying sources.

Our beef is home reared only for you – Naturally grass reared Irish Moiled, Angus & Hereford Cattle who live out a happy and full existence naturally reaching their time to offer you the finest matured Beef.

Our fish are line caught by hardy Sailors who only catch the most mature fish giving the sea a chance to Breath and replenish. Fish skilfully prepared to make you enjoy the experience our fisherman’s toil bring us. Fresh, Natural, Flavour sum and more importantly ethical and Sustainable – The best way to enjoy fish is the Heavenly Bia way.

Our Chicken is brought to you by Seanog who loves what he does and you will love him back – Free Roaming Irish Chicken locally reared and turned into more than a meal – A heart-warming experience of good food safe in the knowledge Seanog is doing his best for Nature and for you.

Come and enjoy this celebration of Good authentic food in the warmth of your home and family – food frozen in time so that when it reaches you all its savoury and goodness becomes the ultimate experience in sustainable eating – every day should be like this.